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Party Design by Violetta  is your premier source for original Candy and Dessert Bars. Our stunning buffets are a feast for the eyes and taste buds. They are not only an interactive party favor, but also, a beautiful addition to your party décor. They will leave a lasting impression on your guests and set your party apart from the others.
With the highest criteria of excellence and quality, the services are all designed to fit your requirements and needs with only one possible outcome: Make your party Unique, Outstanding and Unforgettable.
Our packages are designed to perfection with the most desirable candies, or go outside the box and work with Violetta  to create a custom buffet sure to please your guests.
We pride ourselves on providing the freshest and most delicious treats. We guarantee on-time delivery and a professional staff to set up and clean up. The rental of all jars, candy scoops, tongues, and basic linens are included. Specialty linens, flowers arrangements, custom banners, dessert tables, balloons, bouquets and attendants are also available for the duration of your event for an extra charge. 

​​From design development to event planning, or souvenirs and custom-confections, we offer a wide range of services that will, we are sure, meet your high level of expectations. We believe that if you are the one hosting the event, you should actually get to enjoy it. So we go out of our way to make the process effortless for you.
So whether you are planning a stylish party, a whimsical birthday, or just want an original event,  Party Desing By Violetta will create something unforgettably sweet for you and your guests. We
 have an eye for creating the overall aesthetic for a party and can plan your special event from beginning to end. We do not specially do packages, only pretty ones tied up with string! Instead, we tailor our services to your needs: we design, style and deliver a whole host of events from birthdays to unique celebrations, product launches to parties. We are creative at heart and are always up for the challenge of trying something new, so if you have an idea and need someone to make it happen, we are your best option!

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We are committed to creating stylish, timeless and entirely unique events, all with a twist of personality and a heap of fun. All our events are unique, we always infuse them with our original personality; beautifully handcrafted touches, exquisite detailing, wow-factor displays and a design that is personal and true to the individual.
Tell us your own ideas and we will do our very best to make them happen.

All we do is done with love 

​​For all inquiries, email us at:                  info@partydesignbyvioletta.com

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